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La Estrellita - Hotel El Fuerte, Paseo Marítimo de Marbella

La Estrellita – Hotel El Fuerte, Paseo Marítimo de Marbella

MARBELLA BYCIVIC Non-profit association or political interests formed to educate the citizenship about the use of bicycles as sustainable transportation, ideal for short journeys, together with other forms of sustainable transport, walking and public transport efficient avoid total reliance on the car that we suffer today.
As citizens of Marbella and San Pedro, we consider a Mobility Plan developed and agreed revalue properly, social, commercial and cultural city, while promoting the elimination of architectural barriers. All for the sake of civic and modern city.
We will continue fighting for greater respect for the urban cyclist and encouraging worldwide, through all means available, to also move to achieve a livable city! If by bike much better!

Monthly BikeMeeting point – We go every month to the citizen appointment at Plaza del Mar, Marbella, every last Saturday of every month at 11:00 to ride our bicycles through the town


BECOME A MEMBER for 1 Euro per month ….

You will be collaborating on the development and promotion of cycling as a means of urban transport in the framework of sustainable mobility in a way independent of any government.

Bank details to make your contribution (minimum fee 12 euros / calendar year):

0081 0244 14 0001743377

You will enjoy discounts and deals offered by partner companies to Marbella ByCivic partners.

To associate send an e-mail to and will reply as soon as possible.

The annual (calendar year) is 12 euros (1 euro per month), performing a minimum payment of an annuity through deposit account or bank transfer.

Or you can make a donation, to keep fighting for the bike as a means of sustainable transport in a manner independent of any administration, we need your support.

Among all is easier, thanks for your input.

PARTNER can also be …

(OFFERS from partners by clicking the MAP or by passing the mouse over the right column on the icon of each of the companies to see your discount)
Thanks to the contributors for making offers ByCivic partners, we recall that any business is always welcome to support the use of bicycles as sustainable transportation.

The first to sign up to help Marbella ByCivic Association for the promotion of sustainable urban mobility were …..

“Bar La Estrellita – Club El Fuerte Sport – Food and Health, BikeStation Marbella, Samoa Surf Shop, Pizzasol Marbella, Spain Multisport, Samoa Style, TrikkeAdict, Fresca Passione ice cream, Esnamar – Marine Academy Marbella, kindergarden La Cabaña, Heart’s Bikers, Marbella touristica, …… “

So if you have a business, you offer any services of any kind and want us to announce on our website send us a message with your offer partners.

Do not stay with the desire and join, we need logistical support, sponsors, partners, etc. The purpose is to organize events from the association to promote good citizenship and make the city more humane and healthy, it benefits us all, tell us how you want to participate by sending a message to

You can also participate by making you partner 1 Euro per month, besides contributing to the fight to promote sustainable mobility, you will benefit from getting offers to go for you, you only have to show ByCivic Membership Card, you can do so through Join the Join Us tab

Bank details to make your contribution:

0081 0244 14 0001743377

Look at the partner companies and discounts currently available to us on our map (ByCivic map to the right menu)

(*) Pursuant to the provisions of Law 15/99 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform that the data are used exclusively to perform the necessary steps and establish communication with users of this site. In no case will be published, disclosed to third parties or used for other purposes.


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